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Course Information - HLTAID001Provide Cardiopumonary Resuscitation

The Latex glove range has excellent flexibility & strength with superior wet & dry grip.  They are available as powdered and powder-free and are anatomically shaped for extra comfort

Hazard Waste & Gloves

1 and 2 Litre Hazard Waste Disposal Containers

1 Litre K35.00 (min 4). Code:  SD1000

2 Litre K40.00 (min 4). Code:  SD2000

Latex Powder Free Gloves K45.00/box 100 (min. 4)

Code:  AGLPF01 - X-S

Code: AGLPF01 - S

Code: AGLPF01 - M

Code: AGLPF01 - L

Code:  AGLPF01 - X-L

Designed to meet user demands for strength, simplicity and value.  The range offers outstanding protection against penetrating sharps and leaking fluids due to its rigid polypropylene construction and wall thickness




The Nitrile range comes with excellent flexibility & strength superior puncture resistance with optimum wet & dry grip. 

Nitrile Powder Free Gloves K50.00/box 100 (min. 4)

Code:  AGLPN01 - X-S

Code: AGLPN01 - S

Code: AGLPN01 - M

Code: AGLPN01 - L

Code:  AGLPN01 - X-L

Wall Bracket for Drop Refill System

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