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Course Information - HLTAID001Provide Cardiopumonary Resuscitation


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Course Description

Cuts, burns, amputations, exposure to hazardous substances, electric shocks, asphyxiations and drownings are just some examples of consequences that can occur when work is carried out on plant and equipment that has not been properly shutdown. The objective of this program is to highight the importance of following lockout procedures and by so doing, increase awareness of the standards for worker responsibility in observing and being active in daily safety procedures.

Course Content

This program covers:  an overview of lockouts; the lockout procedure; electrical lockout hazrds; hydraulic lockout hazards; pneumatic lockout hazards; thermal energy hazards; potential or stored energy sources; control measures for dealing with locked hazards.

Assessment Tasks

An assessment task of 10 multiple choice questions and answers willl be discussed in class.


Each candidate will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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