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Course Information - HLTAID001Provide Cardiopumonary Resuscitation

Premium Adhesive Assorted Dressings for minor cuts & abrasions

Dressings & Bandages

Used where extra compression is required and also effective for snake bite

Premium Adhesive Dressings   K40.00 / 100 (min. 400)

Code:  AFP5041

Heavyweight Conforming Bandage  10cm  K8.00 / 12 (min. 48)

Code:  AFHP100

Provides a waterproof barrier.  Blends with every skin colour

A visual and metal detectable dressing recommended when handling food

Transparent Adhesive Dressings   K40.00 / 100 (min. 400)

Code:  AT3041



Blue Detectable Dressings   K35.00 / 100 (min. 400)

Code:  AC100

Provides a breathable bacterial and viral barrier to outside contaminants

Island Film Dressings   K70.00 / 20 (min. 40)

Code:  AFPWOO620

Recommended for low support requirements and retention of dressings




A must for every first aid kit.  Use to immobilise, support and correct arms, shoulders and ribs

Medium Cotton Crepe Bandage 7.5cm   K6.00 / 12 (min. 48)

Code:  ACM75

Calico Triangular Bandage   K7.00 / 12 (min. 48)

Code:  ABC10

This bandage sticks to itself and not the skin and be torn easily eradicating the need to use scissors.  Ideal for retention of dressings and general support

Cohesive Bandage   K22.00 (min. 12)

Code:  ABCH75

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