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Course Information - HLTAID001Provide Cardiopumonary Resuscitation

Fatigue at Work

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Course Description

Feeling tired or drowsy after prolonged mental or physical effort at work is normal. Fatigue, however is more than just feeling tired. Fatigue is an acute and/or chronic state of tiredness that can lead to mental and/or physical exhaustion. Fatigue prevents people from functioning within normal boundaries.  If properly identified fatigue can be effectively managed or controlled.

Course Content

The program covers:  a definition of fatigue; the causes of fatigue; work-related and non work-related factors contributing to fatigue; the effects of fatigue, hazards and consequences; control of fatigue hazards; the role of the individual.

Assessment Tasks

An assessment task of 10 multiple choice questions and answers willl be discussed in class.


Each candidate will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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